Transplanting Autoflowers

Transplanting Autoflowers:

Possibly one of the biggest misconceptions we hear revolves around transplanting autoflowers. There is one important rule to always remember when growing autoflowers: Autos are predisposed to begin flowering a certain amount of days after germination (usually 20-30 days), this is a hard-line rule that can’t be manipulated. Because of this, the first 20 -30 days are arguably the most important. Anything that slows down plant growth can have a detrimental effect on the final outcome. The first 20-30 days is the window of opportunity for the plant to get a strong foundation and develop roots, leaves, stems and stalks. Because transplanting CAN cause shock, sometimes it does have a detrimental effect. However, gentle transplanting at an early stage should cause no problems at all, especially if it is done properly. In fact, we transplant 100% of the autoflowers we grow, sometimes 2-3 times before flowering. Simply transplant as you would any other plant being careful not to damage the root system. Most importantly don’t shock the plants by moving them to a drastically different environment. Bad experiences related to environmental shock is likely the reason Transplanting Autoflowers is frowned upon by many cultivators.

Seedlings sprouted in flats nearing their first transplant date

Transplanting Autoflowers

Juvenile autoflower plants after their second transplanting.

Transplanting autoflowers