The Whip!

The Whip! Description:

It started with a simple goal: For several years We were working with one of the most amazing cultivars we have ever experienced, the Strawberry Afghani, aka Island Mt Strawberry. The Strawberry Afghani was a true legacy strain selectively bred for decades in the Island Mountain region of Humboldt County. It was really difficult to keep in clone form because it had a tendency to start flowering after a few months in a planter. It wasn’t an autoflower but it had hair-trigger flowering tendencies, a trait we have seen in other early ripening Afghani cultivars. As cultivators began to bow to market demands and gravitate towards hype “name brand” cultivars, we became determined to preserve these fabulous heirloom genetics. We, as well as some other farmers began breeding with the strawberry Afghani. We crossed it with our most stable, highly worked, and our best outdoor cultivar, the Sour Snow (Sour Diesel x Humboldt Snow). The Whip! Was born but this isn’t even close to the end of the story. We then begin a long, 10+ year complicated journey of stabilizing the cultivar with a series of backcrossing and selective inbreeding. The stability of this strain is uncanny. It is true pedigree breeder stock. The fuel and strawberry nose is nauseating. This is legendary genetics, bred for a purpose. This is heritage and not hype. This is true Humboldt, True Mendocino and true Twenty20. We have a stash of The Whip! Seeds from multiple generations in our bag of tricks. You will see her in many of our most popular lines. The pedigree breeding stock allows us to easily create stabilized cultivars that carry important dominant traits we are looking for. Shout-out to the most amazing growers and our good friends Cut Creek Farms for sharing the Strawberry Afghani with us so many years ago. Shout out to our brethren and legendary cultivators, Happy Day Farms for working so closely with us for so many years with this cultivar and simultaneously using her genetics to breed one of our all time favorites, Great Success. The legend will live on forever! The strain was named by our co-founder Ryan after a band called The Whip. It is not related to another popular strain called Miracle Whip.

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