Cannabis is a crop to be shared.  

Although the beast known as capitalism is trying to get a grip on her, he is merely grasping handfuls of fine sand that will escape his desperate clutch and fall back to the earth. The small amount left in his palm will never satisfy him and the plant will always prevail.   

At Twenty20 we believe in Cannabis access for everyone. 

We believe that we are only a small part of the intricate web of cannabis evolution that began at the dawn of civilization and will continue long after humans no longer occupy this planet.  This plant has provided for us and we would like to share her and her healing properties with the world as our friends, neighbors, forefathers, and ancestors did before us.  

We will be part of the solution and not part of the problem. 

We are launching a campaign to provide access to free cannabis seeds for people or organizations in need.  The process is simple; provide us with an essay of at least 500 words justifying why you are requesting seeds and how many you would like to receive.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone. We will not discriminate against anyone unless they represent a hate group or have a political agenda.   Our seeds are not offered for and shall not be used as a fundraiser for you and/or any organization including non-profit. These seeds must be grown by recipient or distributed free of charge to people in need.   We are doing this to fight the capitalist hijacking and social injustices that are threatening the cannabis community. We are doing this to help people in need utilize the healing properties of cannabis and liberate themselves from the clinches of commercialism and the pharmaceutical industry.  We are doing this to join forces and unite with other activists who share our vision.    

Please fill out the form below with your essay and contact information and we will process your request as soon as possible. 

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Free the Seeds Rules
Rules and Regulations: -Must be 18+ years old -Essay must contain a minimum of 500 words. Please demonstrate why you or your organization is requesting seeds and how cannabis can benefit you. -Campaign is currently only available in the US to states and territories with medical or recreational cannabis laws in effect. -We ask that you respect our program and please only request what you can use. -Requests will not be accepted through Instagram or any other outlets. You must provided your information on this form. *We cannot guarantee that request will be fulfilled in their entirety or at all, but your request will be taken into consideration based on supplies. Disclaimer: -Twenty20 Is/are not responsible or accountable for any recourse caused by germination of seeds or cultivation of cannabis. -You must adhere to all local laws and ordinances pertaining to cultivation of cannabis -offer valid once per year per individual or organization unless other arrangements are made with Twenty20 -We reserve the right to refuse or halt services to any individual or organization for any reason -Offer only valid while supplies last -Subject to change without notice. -Void where prohibited. -Offer subject to approval -No guarantee is written or implied

Please contact us at if you have any questions about FREE THE SEEDS charitable foundation.