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The following information contains frequently asked questions that we have received.

Feminized Seeds

1. Will Feminized seeds still contain some males?

The short answer is no, it is impossible for properly bred feminized seeds to produce male offspring because only the male plant has Y chromosomes. The pollen used to create feminized seeds only contains X chromosomes. Male offspring are only possible from pollen contamination and accidental seed mixups.

2. Do Feminized Seeds produce inferior genetics?

No, In fact, we have found it to be the exact opposite. Breeding with only female plants allows us to carefully select desired female traits from BOTH parents. Breeding with males greatly reduces the probability of accurate trait selection due to the simple fact that breeders can’t accurately select desired female traits from a male plant.

3. Do Feminized Seeds produce plants that are more likely to have intersex (hermaphroditic) tendencies?

No, This can’t be further from the truth. When breeding with only females, we can stress test BOTH parents to pre-determine the hermaphroditic tendencies of the cultivars. With males, it is difficult to determine if the pollen donor (male) is or isn’t carrying prolific intersex traits.

Autoflower Questions

4. True or False? Are Autos inferior to photoperiods?

False. Most properly bred autos are equal to their photoperiod counterparts.

5. Why should an indoor photoperiod grower consider planting autos?

Extra room in the vegetative area can be filled with autos in order to efficiently use space. Furthermore, many indoor commercial growers are embracing autos because of their quick turn-around time and relative ease of cultivation.

6. Do autos require a specific amount of light to flower properly?

No, Autos will flower no matter how much light you give them, but most growers will run between 16-20 hours of light.

7. Do autos have higher phenotypic variation than photoperiod cultivars?

No, Although this can be true for some breeders, many Twenty20 autos have have excellent uniformity. Please see the Phenotypic Variation Index (PVI) for details on the uniformity of our selections.

8. Are you looking for a super fast turn-around?

If so, choose a variety that ripens in 65-75 days. These varieties will typically stay shorter and will be more compact due to the simple fact that they have less time to grow. Generally, most outdoor growers prefer larger plants and are willing to wait a few additional weeks until harvest. Indoor growers typically request 65-75 day autos because if they take too much longer than that, it starts to make more sense to grow photoperiod cultivars.

9. How to start Autoflower seeds?

Germinate seeds as normal, however, be sure they aren’t in a small pot or rooting cube for longer than 10 days or they may start to flower prematurely. Many successful growers transplant auto seedling directly into their final pot (or in the ground) within 10 days of germination. Be cautious in the early stages of the plant’s life, it’s easy to shock seedlings with excess fertilizer, ‘hot soil’, heat, water or harsh pesticides. Autoflowers require plenty of root space and more importantly, at no time should they become root bound, stressed, or inhibited. This will likely trigger premature flower formation and lead to smaller plants.

10. What is your highest THC concentration strain? Photoperiod/Autoflower?

Review our Seed Catalogue for more information.

11. What are your early finishers outdoors?

Review our Seed Catalogue for more information.

12. What are your tallest plants/shortest plants? Most/least stretch?

Review our Seed Catalogue for more information.

13. Which of your autoflower/photoperiods has the highest yield?

Review our Seed Catalogue for more information.

14. What is The Whip?

View The Whip in our product catalog!

15. What is Early Ripening vs. Fast Flowering?

Early ripening plants tend to start flowering early in the season and typically ripen in September or early October. Fast flowering varieties ripen quickly but don’t always start flowering early in outdoor gardens. Most early ripening varieties are fast flowering but not all fast flowering varieties are early ripening.

16. What is the best/ideal medium to plant sprouted seeds in?

We always recommend an inert medium with plenty of aeration. Be careful with rich soils and heavily amended soils for planting seedlings. If you are going to plant into rich soil, we recommend planting the seedlings in a small pocket of inert soil.

17. When to top a plant or not?

We typically advocate for low stress training (LST) over topping due to the added risk of pathogen contamination when cutting and trimming plants

18. How do I become a vendor?

Fill out the vendor application! Simply click the dropdown menu under “How can we help you?” then select “Vendor/Wholesale Application,” and fill out the required fields on the digital form. Don’t forget to hit the submit button at the bottom of the form, we can’t wait to review your application!

19. How do I purchase bulk seeds/inquire about a price list?

Review our form to purchase bulk seeds or inquire about a price list. Select the “Bulk Seed Inquiry” tab from the drop down menu underneath “How can we help you?” Then fill out the required information accordingly and don’t forget to click the submit button at the bottom of the form.

20. Where can I purchase your STS spray?

Our STS spray can be purchased on Etsy.

21. Which of your strains is best for mold resistance?

We need a link here that will send people to a list that is generated by “tags”. In this case high potency tags

22. How do I sign up for the Twenty20 Newsletter?

Join the Twenty20 Newsletter!

23. What is the Twenty20 Seed Cracker and how do you use it?

The seed cracker is a tool we designed to help improve germination rates in stubborn seeds. Please read our blog about seed scarification, located under the “Blogs” tab under our “Resources” page. Additionally, find the seed cracker here on Etsy.

24. Where can I get a copy of your catalog?

Printed versions are available for free at many of our vendors as well as our Etsy page for only the cost of shipping.

25. How long can the STS be stored before being mixed? After mixing?

STS can be stored indefinitely before mixing and 3-6 months after mixing if it is stored in a cool dark place.

26. How do I redeem the Greenbacks?

Review our Greenbacks page for more information on how to redeem the Greenbacks.

27. Where can I listen to your podcast?

Our podcast can be found under the “Podcasts” tab under our “Resources” page.