Cannabis Seed Germination; a how to guide for perfect germination every time!

Cannabis Seed GerminationThere are plenty of methods for successful Cannabis Seed Germination . If you have a method that consistently works for you, you should stick with it. If you are looking for something new, this is a quick step-by-step tutorial illustrating how we germinate seeds at our facilities.

1. Overnight Soak. This is an optional step but can help speed up the Cannabis Seed Germination process, especially for older, drier seeds. We often skip this step when germinating fresh seeds. Soak seeds for 24-36 hours in pH balanced tap water or bottled water. Hydrogen Peroxide is not necessary.

2. Fold a paper towel in quarters and moisten the towel with pH balanced water. Tap water is typically fine. Do not saturate, there should be no water dripping from the towel when it is held vertically. If need be, gently press to drain excess water. Place seeds inside the folded towel, up to 100 seeds will fit in one towel.

3. Place the folded towel in a sealed food storage container. Alternatively they can be placed in a partially opened plastic sandwich bag, although a container is preferable. Be sure to label your seeds.

4. Store in a dark place at room temperature (72f-79f) until taproots are between 1-2 inches. (Usually 48-96 hours). DO NOT use a heating mat unless you have a reliable temperature control and do not let the temperature exceed 85 deg F.

5. Gently plant the sprouts in a medium of choice with the root down and the seed shell slightly protruding above the medium. Be very careful using heat domes, this is a major contributor to pathogen issues and often leads to “damping off” when seedlings wilt and die shortly after Cannabis Seed Germination .


  • Do Not: Use a heat mat or heat source. Excess heat will increase microbial activity and cause the freshly sprouted seedlings to rot. Comfortable room temperature is perfect.
  • Stubborn seeds and old seeds can take an excessive amount of time to germinate. It is important to germinate them in a cooler environment (62-68) to minimize the growth of harmful pathogens.
  • Scarify the seeds with a Twenty20 seed cracker to greatly improve the Cannabis Seed Germination rate of stubborn and old seeds. Twenty20 Seed crackers can be found on our Etsy page.
  • Seedlings are sensitive! Don’t plant directly into “hot”, fertilizer rich soil. Always start with minimal additives and nutrients and don’t over water them. Be careful using domes as high humidity can cause “damping off.”