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The Road Less Traveled

At Twenty20, we have always taken the difficult path, the right path, the path less traveled. Our objective will never be to sell the most seeds but to create the finest product. This is not a race and our goal isn’t to win; our goal is to stand the test of time and maintain our pride and craftsmanship in everything we do. As sure as the sun will rise, we pledge to never release seeds to the public that have not been grown, tested and approved by us. In a world of rapid-fire releases, social media hype and whimsical market demands, we promise to create our own path, march to the beat of our own drum, and always put quality over quantity.

Size Matters

Nothing defines a cannabis breeder more than their phenohunts. The selection process is always a complex matrix of decisions; a multifaceted balance beam in which weighted values of a variety of traits must be carefully considered. Proper selection requires a discerning eye, a refined palette, in-depth cultivation knowledge, and a connoisseur’s judgment. When it comes to phenohunting, size matters. At Twenty20, we strategically utilize our well established relationships with large cannabis farms from throughout the country to undergo huge phenohunts which cover a variety of climates, soil conditions, farming techniques, and more. This is selective breeding at its finest.

The Firewall

We challenge ourselves in everything that we do. Our team relies on an uncompromising system of checks and balances, ensuring that everything we release has been hand selected, hand chosen and approved by our entire team. Like a democracy, this process can be frustrating and cumbersome but it ensures that nothing that doesn’t impress our entire team makes it through the firewall.

Bridging the Gap

The complex relationship between terpenes and cannabinoids is intricate and uncharted. Not only does the relationship have a profound effect on medicinal and psychoactive effects, it also has a prolific impact on trichome and resin output. Certain terpene compounds at high levels can adversely affect trichome cellular structure, and inversely, many cultivars with impressive solventless extraction potential tend to lack terpene profiles that are most coveted by connoisseurs. At Twenty20, we are on a mission to bridge the gap. We work closely with cultivators and extractors throughout the United States who provide us with the data we need to make this mission possible.

The Auto Revolution

Thanks to the diligent work of many innovative breeders, autoflower genetics are advancing at unprecedented levels. Autoflowers are here to stay and are quickly working their way towards dominance in the outdoor field-grown setting, At Twenty20, we believe in the future of autoflowers and have been meticulously crafting unique purpose-bred autoflower genetics by completing complex conversions of our best photoperiod varieties to autoflower. This is not the easy way to breed autos but it is the right way.

The Great Outdoors

Here in the Emerald Triangle, our heritage is steeped in the tradition of sun-grown cannabis. The genetic stability and outdoor worthiness of our varieties is a testament to this heritage combined with years of selective breeding. 100% of our selections have been tested, and proven by our team under the sun.

The Fine Line

There is a fine line between greed and luck, a thin veil separates one from the other. In the ‘90s, the strategy was to rely on that veil to protect you. Nearly everyone lost plants; the key was to not lose them all. If you grew too many or made too big of a clearing, odds were, your plants would be eradicated. Growing in the ‘90s was by nature guerilla, we were secretive and we hid in the shadows and we stayed humble and quiet. In the early 2000s, The “Roaring Twenties”of cannabis prohibition, a rapid and awkward transition occurred. The gateway to the Emerald Triangle, locally referred to as the Redwood Curtain, was forcefully flung open. People from all walks of life flooded through the gates and quickly overcame the miniscule resources of local law enforcement; Land was still cheap, cannabis prices were still high.